Course Includes:

  • Designed for financial professionals who take their career seriously and want an in-depth understanding of Indexed Universal life insurance.  

  • Over 10 hours of video instruction by Jim Stoddard reviewing the Dream Killer concepts and IUL in detail.

  • An autographed copy of  The Financial Pocketknife - Beating the Dream Killers!   

  • A 144 page colored workbook with every course slide, enabling you to follow along and take detailed notes on content.

  • Discussion boards to interact with fellow students and instructor.

  • Chapter Quizzes to reinforce key points taught in class.

  • Final Exam to test your mastery of subject matter.

  • Class Certification 


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About the Course:

The Financial Pocketknife course is designed for those interested in learning about Indexed Universal Life Insurance, "one of the most powerful financial tools ever designed to help families build a strong financial foundation."  

In this course, you will learn in detail about The Dream Killers that inhibit you from achieving your life goals and how Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is used to combat them.  You will also learn about the financial concepts outlined in the book, see examples of how IUL compares with other strategies, learn why the "gurus" get it wrong on cash value life insurance, and receive additional content not covered in the book such as How to Thrive in the Modern Economy. 

Perhaps most importantly, this course will lead you through your own self-analysis of goal setting and personal risk assessment while identifying how IUL may apply to your personal situation and how to implement your own strategy.  

For financial professionals, this course is designed for those interested in self-development, professional excellence, and learning how to simplify a complex strategy to help others achieve their individual goals.  

This course was developed to emulate a college course, similar to the ones Jim teaches at the university level.  It is a self-paced, on-line course that includes chapter quizzes and a final exam that, once passed, provides a class certification and access to additional perks (e.g., book discounts, focus group, etc.).  

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