The Financial Pocketknife® is not suitable for everyone….  but let me state unequivocally, 100%, without a doubt, it is one of the most powerful financial tools ever designed to help families build a strong financial foundation.

James L. Stoddard, Jr

Looking for a Financial Professional?

As wealth increases, so does its ownership. While 16.7% of non-affluent households own it, up to 40.5% of affluent households own it. 

Dream Killers are financial and life issues that prevent us from living life to the fullest and achieving our dreams.  They include financial issues such as inflation, taxes, and market risk and life issues such as premature death, job loss, and fear.  Our success or failure in achieving our goals and dreams are often dependent on how we battle these Dream Killers.  But in today’s modern economy, life is busy and financial issues can be confusing.  The result can often lead us to great struggle in our lives and cause us to “settle” and give up on our dreams.    

Ideally, it would be optimal if we had a convenient and effective way to combat these Dream Killers with a powerful and versatile tool.  Just as a pocketknife combines many valuable tools into one “super tool”, The Financial Pocketknife® incorporates many financial tools into one financial product…Indexed Universal Life insurance. 

The Financial Pocketknife® explains why Indexed Universal Life Insurance is one of the most powerful financial tools ever designed to help families beat the Dream Killers and build a strong financial foundation.

I didn't know what I didn't know!  That there was a financial tool that could do so many things!

Ryan Cushman - Cumming, GA

I was amazed to learn how many benefits IUL offers.  I never knew life insurance did so much more than just pay a death benefit when you died.  I was surprised to learn about the investment options and tax savings.

Tim Arringtion - Canton, GA